Open Dagen


Open Dagen op zaterdagmiddag 4 september en donderdagavond 9 september 2021! – Kom meer te weten over onze taaltrainingen!


Kickstart School is al meer dan 19 jaar gespecialiseerd in het verzorgen van cursussen Engels, Nederlands en Chinees voor bedrijven en personen die hun taalvaardigheid willen verbeteren.
Zelfs tijdens de lockdown maken we het voor jou mogelijk om je te laten informeren over onze taalcursussen op Kickstart School:

Bezoek Kickstart School voor een gesprek met een docent

Als je onze school in Den Haag zou willen bezoeken, dan kun je een tijdslot boeken om met een docent de diverse cursusopties te bespreken en eventueel een mondelinge test te doen. Voorafgaand aan het gesprek graag de online level test maken.  


Telefonische intake met een Kickstart docent

Wil je een telefonische intake met één van onze docenten doen, dan kun je hieronder een tijdslot boeken. Dan heb je de mogelijkheid om de cursusopties te bespreken en eventueel een mondelinge test te doen. Als je inderdaad die mondelinge test wil doen, is het nuttig om voorafgaand aan het gesprek onze online niveautest te maken. Eén van de Kickstart docenten zal je op het geboekte tijdstip bellen.

Als je nog vragen hebt of als je niet aan één van onze Open Dagen kunt deelnemen, klik dan hier of bel ons op 070-3607860.


Boek hieronder je telefonische intake met een Kickstart docent.


*Nederlandse intakes volgeboekt.


Interesse? Bekijk ons filmpje voor meer informatie over onze Hybride Cursussen:


Wat zijn de reacties van onze cursisten?


It was very helpful and funny. Although the course was late in the evening I really enjoy having it with Paul. I really like the remote option of the course and I hope in the future, after the crisis, there will be still the possibility to have it online. Despite I should have studied more, I feel more confident in Dutch and I started understanding when they speak to me. For sure I will recommend it, looking forward to see if there will any new online classes!

Maddalena Falco , VOORBURG


I liked the course as it was very structured, encompassing all necessary topics like grammer, making conversations, basics. And the class was also organised nicely where in every student gets the required attention and the chance to ask questions.

Nandita Kiran , Leiden


Excellent course and well thought of content. This is my second language course with Kickstart and it has been really fantastic so far. The school managed to adapt quickly to the COVID situation and offer classes remotely that are as good as traditional sit in sessions. Splendid !!!

Yasser , Delfgauw


I think the course is organized well by making good use of technology - in my case that is with the combination of the portal and zoom. I am also glad the class is delivered on sat a.m., which make me possible to join outside of NL even with different time zones. The teacher is professional and explained clearly. the class size of 4-5 students on a zoom class is good - allow good portion of time for each student to participate.

Olivia Lam , Hong Kong


The class is intense but gave me a great opportunity to start learning Dutch. I can understand the basics of Dutch through these lessons which I wanted to learn. The lessons are well-balanced with listening, speaking and writing. I could develop each area. The teacher constructed the course hours well. I wish to continue to the next course when I have time next time. I did not find difficulty to participate online.

Mayumi , Den Haag


Excellent introduction to Dutch. Maarten was an excellent instructor. He was patient and gave us a lot of examples for the various grammar rules. He didn't mind explaining some parts again if we had any doubts. The supplementary material was good. The course was held online due to COVID-19. Looking forward to the next course, Stepping Stone I.

Gaudham , Delft


My Dutch is much better after 2 months with Kickstart. Maarten is a very friendly teacher who makes sure that his students are understanding the material. Online learning was great. We had a grammar and vocabulary game during the last class of the course, I would suggest teachers should play more games like this! It was fun and a nice way to review the material.

Sandra , Den Haag