Remote teaching at Kickstart

Kickstart offers remote teaching now - but how does it work?


We have been teaching all our classes online via Zoom and it is going great!


Have a look at what our students are saying:

"I only have 6 months of learning dutch and I already start to understand listening, writing, and start speaking a little bit. I understand this is a fear amount of progress for only 6 months. They have a great methodology to teach people and they seem to worry about everybody's progress. Also they were very resilient when the corona situation happened. I enjoyed online classes as much as in-person classes. I recommend this school with no doubt."

"Great classes, fun to be in. The teacher is working nice and slow through the work to make sure everyone understands what is going on."

"For me it is really good, it is a form to connect us. It feels almost the same as having a class at Kickstart." 

"Thank you for making us talk a lot. I think we talk even more now than when we were in the same room.​"

"Connecting with Zoom for the first time was good, it was great to have a system to connect with people. The breakout rooms are really great, it is good to have little space between us." 

"The teacher is really doing her best with all these changes and manages to keep us engaged during the whole time." 



Join us! Below you find an overview of our general Dutch courses starting in May/June and in the summer time:

In the summer time, we are also offering the following Dutch courses:

Lenient opt-out policy 

You, of course, under these circumstances can opt out at any time if you do not enjoy the course, get ill or are otherwise not able to follow the course and we will reimburse the remainder of the course fees. We are trying to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your changing situation in these trying times.

Why join an online language course?

  • Don't lose the momentum of your language learning
  • Maintain a routine in these unstable times
  • Just something to distract your mind
  • Make the most of your time
  • Doing something fun together!


Here is an overview of our English General and Communication courses still available:

In summer, we are also offering intensive English courses at combined levels for adults and teens:

How do we teach the online classes?

  • The system we are using is called Zoom.
  • It is a very easy to install and use app that works with computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. All you need to join a class is to make a free account with your email address, download the app and make sure that you have an available microphone and video camera.
  • You will then receive an invite with a link and a meeting ID number that you can use to join the meeting that your teacher has set up. 

​What does a lesson look like?

Once the lesson has started, you will see your teacher and all your fellow students on your screen and you will be able to hear them as well. Your teacher will have access to a number of tools to make the lesson as interactive as possible: 

  • Share screen: the teacher can share his or her screen with a single click
  • Digital whiteboard: both the teacher and teh students can use to whiteboard to write and draw. The whiteboard content can also be saved and shared with the class.
  • Breakout rooms: for work in small groups there are breakout rooms that will enable you to do exercises with 2 people or small groups even in an online session. The teacher will be able to check in and give personal feedback in each room. 
  • Share documents: if there is a document that the teacher wants to share, it can be sent easily through Zoom
  • Chat: there is also a chat function that can come in very handy for communcation between teh teacher and the students

In addition to all this functionality the teacher will also make use of the tried and tested online learning platform KickstartNet which has all the learning materials, extra exercises, sound clips and videos. 

All in all, Zoom is the second best option to teach language courses - after in person classes, which we will restart as soon as possible based on government regulations.

Interested? Please contact us anytime!


Additional ways to learn Dutch, English or Chinese at home:

  1. Private courses with Skype or Zoom (English, Dutch and Chinese)
  2. Private Dutch writing courses  (NT2 programme II, Business and Social
  3. Private English writing courses (Business and Academic)
  4. Online refresher courses Dutch (Basis and Intermediate) which can be given as a private course. Contact us for more information.
Online group lesson
Online group lesson
Online group lesson

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