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Inburgering - No changes until 2022

Inburgering - No changes until 2022

November 13, 2020


Latest news: The new law on Inburgering is going to be postponed until at least January 2022.


Originally the introduction was planned for July 2021, but due to organisational problems the Dutch government has decided to postpone the introduction.

This means that for the time being the DUO exams will stay on A2 level. Nothing is going to change for at least a year, so there is no need to hurry or to worry.

The only thing that has changed are the exemptions for the ONA exam:

1.   You are a ZZPer: Since October 1st a new ruling has come into effect for those that work as ZZP (Zelfstandige Zonder Personeel). That means you have your own company, but you are the sole employee. Until last September you were obliged to take the ONA-exam. At the moment, one can apply for exemption under the new rules if:

  • Your company has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least six months in the past year;
  • You are able to prove that your company made a profit of at least € 2.791,44, this being the official minimum income per month.

2.   You are an employee of an international organisation in Holland;
You are working in an organisation that is not obliged to pay social contributions in this country.

  • Fill out the form ‘Aanvraag vrijstelling ONA Internationale orgamisatie’
  • Send the form + documentary evidence to DUO.


Further information can be found on the DUO site: