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Inburgering in 2021

Inburgering in 2021

February 23, 2021

It has been quite some time since our last blog on Inburgering – but that should not come as a surprise as due to Covid 19, everything is on halt. DUO has closed down all the exam locations and it is not possible to even register for the Inburgering exams. It depends on the measures of the Dutch government when and under what conditions the exams will reopen.

As you may know, the Ministry of Social Affairs is planning to raise the level of the Inburgering exams from A2 to B1, starting from January 2022. This has caused a run on the registration for the A2  exams -  and then Covid 19 happened and DUO had to close down. So now they are facing a serious backlog which may take quite some time to catch up with. At the moment it is unclear what DUO is planning to do about this. We will keep you informed via our blogs.

In the meantime, the Inburgering Exam Preparation Courses at Kickstart go on as usual – online – but there are no exams. To address this situation we have the following proposition:

At the time that it becomes clear that the Inburgering exams are going to start up again, we are planning a refresher course, mainly for writing and speaking.

It will be a flash course of one hour per skill at a reduced tariff and in small groups.

Make sure that you have registered with DUO and that you have a date for your exams before embarking on the refresher course!

We will keep you posted on any new developments.