Inburgering Exam - Preparing for the Exam

January 1, 2020

As is known, the required language level for the Inburgering Exam is going to change from A2 to B1, starting on January 1st 2021.

For the new exams, the language level will be significantly increased and the Dutch grammar will be much more important, whereas in 2020, grammar does not play a very significant role in these exams. As far as grammar goes, Dutch has a few nasty tricks up its sleeve. Maybe you have already heard of the way the sequence of words in a Dutch sentence may change, depending on the conjunction. This – and more – is going to be part of the Inburgering Exam on the B1 level. You can avoid the higher level and write your exam this year with our various course options. See below for some examples.

If you want to avoid taking the exam at the higher level, we have many options to get you exam ready in 2020.

These are the 3 steps that you currently need at Kickstart School:

Starterpack for Beginners (A0-A1)
Stepping Stone I (A1-A2)
Inburgering Exam Preparation Course (A2)

As of 2021, the following steps will need to be made before joining the exam preparation courses: 

Starterpack for Beginners (A0-A1)
Stepping Stone I(A1-A2)
Stepping Stone II (A2 / A2+)
Stepping Stone III (A2+ / B1)
Inburgering Exam Preparation Course (B1)


Course options to avoid the higher level exam:

Here are a few scenarios that would get you ready for the exam before the end of summer, even if you are a beginner right now:

Starterpack (A0-A1) course – January to April term
Stepping Stone I (A1-A2) course – April to June term
Inburgering Exam Preparation course – 5 July to 23 August

Intensive Double Your Dutch (A0-A2)  course (full time, 2 weeks) – 23 March to 3 April
Inburgering Exam Preparation course – 12 Apr to 21 Jun

Intensive Double Your Dutch (A0-A2) course (full time, 2 weeks) – May 2020
Inburgering Exam Preparation course – 5 July to 23 August


We can also offer a private course to fit around your schedule to get you to your goal - at your pace.

For more information, join one of our Information Evenings or get in touch to discuss further questions or to register for a course!


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