Inburgering and Corona

Inburgering and Corona

January 1, 2020


From Monday 16 March, Dutch society is more or less in lockdown because of the Corona virus. This will also affect the Inburgering exams that have been planned. DUO has supplied the following information:

  • All DUO exam locations are closed until further notice.
  • This closure will last at least until Monday April 6.
  • All exams are cancelled until Monday April 6.
  • DUO will organise new exam dates for you.
  • You will not have to pay for the new Inburgerings exam.

As of today Kickstart School provides remote teaching for all the group lessons. This also applies to the Inburgerings course that will start from April 19 until June 28. So there is no need to postpone your plans: you can follow your course safely from home.

For further information on the Corona virus you can visit the official site