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In mid-2015, Kickstart School began using an external reviews organisation, Klantenvertellen, in order to give its students an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience at Kickstart to an external, impartial body. We have no control over what is written, so everything you see is the truth!

Since then, we have received consistently high ratings from our students, resulting in an average rating of 8.8 based on more than 900 reviews so far. These reviews take into account the course curriculum, the materials used during the course (including KickstartNet, our online learning platform), the quality of the teaching, our school’s facilities, and our communication and administration.

These reviews are from students who have attended a whole range of Kickstart courses – from our popular Starterpack for Beginners Dutch Course to our English Conversation Courses; from our General Elementary English Course to our Advanced Dutch Course; from our Dutch for Children’s programme to our Academic English Online Writing Course; and many more courses in between!

At Kickstart, we believe in open communication and transparency. That’s why we want our students to give their honest opinions via an external organisation, so that you can see for yourself what kind of school we are.

Below are just a few of the responses that we have received from our students, during our recent Dutch and English intensive summer courses. We hope you have the opportunity to come and learn at Kickstart School as well, so that you can enjoy your experience here just as much as they did!

‘The experience was most enjoyable. Learned a lot and the teachers had patience. Overall a fantastic experience.’ – Ivan, 13/8/16

‘I can say that the course was well designed and good amount of attention was given to each student. This course helped me a lot with grammar and the basics of the language. I would definitely recommend this course.’ – Ashish, 27/8/16

‘I really enjoyed the course and I think it helped me to improve my level of English. The teacher was very kind and helpful. The most interesting for [me] was hav[ing] a book to read. Thank you!’ – Daniela, 25/8/16

‘Plenty of speaking exercises in the class to practise Dutch grammar. Presenting a 5-min presentation in Dutch was my favorite part in the class. Our teacher, Christine made sure that any grammatical mistakes or pronounciation are corrected right away.’ – Euphrasia, 27/8/16

‘The Stepping Stone II course built wonderfully on what I had learned in the Stepping Stone I course and helped me feel more comfortable when speaking and writing Dutch. Christine explained the material, particularly regarding grammar, very precisely and thoroughly.’ – Jelena, 27/8/16

 What our students say about us

  • My experience with Kickstart has been highly beneficial in both developing language skills and improving my knowledge of the Dutch culture. Josien's support is always spot on and very intuitive in relation to personal circumstances. She spends a lot more than the official time allocated to really get to know her clients and her approach is customised accordingly. She was recommended to me by other Shell colleagues who expressed the same sentiment and I was fortunate enough to benefit from this during the time I spent with her.

    Vennasa van de Ven, Migration Manager working at Shell

  • Entering the Kickstart school premises alone gives you a push of energy and the commitment this will help to create is hardly unmatched in any other language school. The methodology and the approach used in the lessons also helps smoothly unlock the secrets of everyday Dutch. Kickstart School has helped me get in touch with the 'undutchable' culture of the Netherlands and its people. The individual language training I could experience at Kickstart School has been one of the best educational experiences I could have in Europe.

    Alessandro d’Addario, European Law Enforcement 

  • I really enjoyed my English lessons with the Kickstart School. The teacher was professional and really knew the subject. The way they teach is also great! The classes are presented in a clear and professional manner and the online exercises completed at home are very helpful. The teacher always provided useful feedback. It's a great experience to join a Kickstart course with such a friendly atmosphere of students and teachers.

    Beatriz Pedroche, Spain 

  • Kickstart has been the ideal place for me to learn. The teachers are very helpful and friendly and have always gone the "extra mile" to help me learn in a positive way. Their teaching is practical with elements that can immediately be applied to everyday living situations. Included in the lessons are cultural aspects of living in the Netherlands that make learning Dutch dynamic and fun; you learn the language and about the place and the people! The teachers took an active interest in my progress and provided valuable customized sessions that maintained my strengths and developed my weaknesses; all in a patient, fun and friendly style.

    Graeme Ting, dentist from New Zealand 

  • My first contact with Kickstart School was after 1 month of living in The Netherlands, when I started to study Dutch. At the time I didn’t have any knowledge of the language, but with their courses organized by levels I developed important language skills and learned about the Dutch culture. They all do a great job at Kickstart because their motto it’s not just a motto – they are really pleased to teach you. You learn a language in a friendly atmosphere, make new friends from all over the world, and all in a cosy building right in the heart of The Hague.

    Anca Boros, mathematics and physics teacher from Romania

  • During my time with Kickstart I have learned a lot and gained confidence. I was always challenged by the interesting assignments, but never too much. I have really enjoyed the classes!

    Sabine de Bruijn, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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    We are very happy to have received the Cedeo certification.  Cedeo is an independent HR certification organisation. Using periodic customer satisfaction reviews among procurers of training courses and other HR services, Cedeo rates providers by quality, consistency, and customer orientation.  A big thank you to our admin and teaching staff for this great achievement! ⁣