Years of experience, a dynamic team of teachers, and the ability to quickly put together a course program tailor-made to your sector -  that's us! Kickstart School has been around for more than 18 years and does not shy away from a challenge. We are always driven to come up with the best solution for you. 

Learning a new language in addition to performing your duties within your organization requires an efficient approach. We have a track record that we are proud of, as shown by our two CEDEO accreditations. A good course also requires good preparation. It is an interaction between your organization and ours. To this end, we have prepared a comprehensive initial assessment form that gives us the right information to be able to make the right match between the type of teacher and the requested course. We have an extensive team of permanent free lancers with whom we have been working for years and who also receive appropriate additional training when required. You can count on expert, reliable and friendly teachers whose lessons are engaging and interactive. 

Making the right choice for your employees…

Are Dutch, English or Chinese language skills important for your employees? Do they have difficulty expressing themselves correctly? If they need effective and precise communication skills, Kickstart School can help. We offer Dutch, English and Chinese courses for companies. We have been developing tailor-made language courses for over 18 years to enable employees to function prodctively in the 21st century international working environment. 

We have different types of course available. Your choice of course depends on your goals. For a flight you can choose Economy or Business Class, with both options you arrive at the desired location. This also applies when selecting one of our language courses, the employees will achieve their learning goals.

Company Course Options


A regular group course at Kickstart School in which your employees participate together with other course participants from outside the company. If a company books a standard group course for an employee, only the regular price has to be paid. For more information you can visit the course pages under Dutch, Chinese or English.

Regular Exclusive:

A regular group course exclusively for your employees. Price is dependant on the number of employees.

Regular Plus:

A regular group course with additional materials adapted to the needs of your company, for example industry-specific vocabulary. Additional curriculum development hours will be charged.


A completely tailor-made course based on your goals/needs, including vocabulary and exercises that are specific to your industry. Various specializations such as business or technical. Additional curriculum development hours will be charged for creating a completely new teaching program.

Away-Day Workshops:

Exclusively for companies, Kickstart School offers workshops for Dutch, Chinese and English. These are fully tailored to individual wishes.

Course Selection Process – Our language service

Kickstart School will help you choose the right course for your employees. 

  1. Needs analysis – through a series of question either by phone or email we will gather the exact needs/goals of your company.
  2. Quote submitted.
  3. Intake interview – to ensure the course is at the right level for your employees we will test their level with a grammar and vocabulary test, either via email or in person. We also recommend a short spoken test (in person or over the phone) in order to get a true gauge of their level.
  4. Feedback/Evaluations - during the course your employees will have many opportunities to give their feedback on the course, the teacher will also inform the employees of areas to improve on etc.
  5. Reporting– reports can be issued individually to your employees both mid-way and at the end of the course, detailing their areas of strength and weaknesses. 
  6. Certificate - All employees will receive a certificate, free of charge, on completion of the course (subject to attending a certain proportion of the course).

Practical Information

Lesson/Course length and timing

After we have assessed your needs we will recommend the length of the course. For lessons we suggest a minimum of 1.5 hours and a maximum of 2.5 hours. You can also choose to have weekly lessons or opt for a more intensive format, 2 or more times a week if you need very fast results.


The price is based on the type of language training and format and is available on request. 

Additional costs

Intakes interviews

Curriculum development

Industry-specific teaching materials 


Travel costs

Next steps

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Professional language training for your employees offers opportunities for both your company and employees. Kickstart is here to take work off your hands and to relieve you from your HR staff. We can plan, monitor and evaluate employee training programs. Our team of professionals is ready to make sure everything runs smoothly administratively. Our teachers will do their utmost to help increase the language skills of employees. For more information and personal and non-binding advice, please complete our quote information form or contact one of our experienced admin team directly:

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