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English Teachers who have recently taught a course at Kickstart School


2013-03-23 14Nicky has worked as a language and speech and drama teacher for over 15 years. She qualified as a teacher in South Africa where she taught both adults and children for many years before living as an expat and teaching in Tanzania, Rwanda and Cambodia.

Nicky has been in The Hague for four years and divides her working time between radio work and teaching IELTS courses. She enjoys engaging with people of different cultures and her lessons are always lively and stimulating. She has a special interest in helping students with enunciation and pronunciation.


julie   004 edited Julie is a native English speaker originating from The UK but has been living in the Netherlands now for nearly 10 years and has been teaching English for over 8 years. She has an extensive business background which started in the UK National Health Service.

She went on to specialize in Information Management and Technology and worked for a number of IT Health companies in a design role and later in Sales and Marketing roles. She now puts all this experience to use in developing and teaching Business English courses for Professionals here in the Netherlands. She absolutely loves being a teacher and thrives on helping professionals improve their English so that they can work in an international environment effectively and with greater confidence in their language ability.


_DSC0010Shashi is a teacher of English as a Second Language. She has taught General English, Business English, University Preparation classes, Specialized Interest classes, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation classes. In addition Shashi is a Cambridge Speaking Examiner qualified to test Cambridge Advanced and First Certificate students, and a BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) Examiner.

Shashi has a lot of experience in teaching TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages), including experiences teaching for the British Council and other language centers in Bangkok, (Thailand), Caracas, (Venezuela), Ankara, (Turkey), The Hague, (The Netherlands), Ho Chi Minh City, (Vietnam) and New York, (The U.S.A.). And these experiences have given her insight into the cultural differences that can be challenging in the classroom, and she can use this knowledge to her advantage to ensure a comfortable learning environment for multi-cultural classes Finally, Shashi finds it most important that her students are involved in class and enjoy learning English!


Kickstartschool_5756Heather holds a Bachelor of Education degree specialised in Teaching English as a Second Language from McGill University, Montreal.She began her career teaching newly-arrived immigrant students in Canada.Heather moved to France in 2001 where she continued her educational pursuits instructing business English at the College level.

Heather obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations in 2009.She has experience working in the business sector, more specifically in import/export activities for environmental products.Heather enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures. She aims at bringing her diverse educational and business background to the classroom and believes that learning English should be practical, interactive and fun.


DSC_0660_edited1Richard moved to Den Haag in 2014 after working for 30 years in The City of London as an accountant. He spent 6 years working for leading accountancy firm Price Waterhouse, before taking in-house roles with two of the top commercial law firms in the city.

Since his move to the Netherlands Richard has become CELTA-qualified and now teaches English as a second language. He is currently teaching both general and business English, using the experience he gained in London to provide real insight into the language used in business environments. He has found that teaching English as a foreign language is not that different to explaining complex tax ideas to lawyers!


def_3bMary is a graduate of Edinburgh University and began her professional life as a teacher of music in high schools both in Edinburgh and Warwick where she lived. Since moving to the Netherlands 25 years ago she has run children’s and adult choirs as well as taught in schools.

Prior to a posting with her husband to Kazakhstan 6 years ago, Mary retrained as an English language teacher. Since then she has taught the full range of students from beginner children’s classes to Advanced adult business classes. She brings a wealth of life experience, a knowledge of Dutch culture, a genuine interest in other cultures and an enthusiasm for the English language to the classroom.


PatPat, a CELTA-trained ESL instructor, has ten years of experience as a teacher of English as a foreign language. A native of the USA, she is uniquely qualified to bring her valuable knowledge of American English to her students. 

After completing her studies, Pat left a career on Wall Street to pursue a position in the City of London, where she lived and worked for several years. She eventually settled in the Netherlands, where she has spent the last 20 years working as both an estate agent and a relocation consultant. Her passion for the English language together with a wealth of experience in dealing with different cultures ensures her classes provide a stimulating learning environment.


IsobelIsobel is a native English speaker originating from the UK. After graduating from the London School of Economics with an economics degree, Isobel worked for 15 years as a retail buyer. She then took a career break to look after her 2 sons. Isobel then moved to Singapore for 3 years as an expat before relocating to the Netherlands where she has become a CELTA-qualified teacher. 

Isobel has lived in Wassenaar since 2015 and divides her time between teaching, working in the Kickstart office and playing tennis! She enjoys engaging with people of different cultures and her lessons are always lively and stimulating. She especially enjoys helping students with conversation skills. Isobel is now enthusiastically combining her past business experience and her knowledge of different cultures with her language teaching skills.


BrendaBrenda is a native English speaker from the United States. She studied linguistics and pedagogy at Arizona State University, earning a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. She has taught English for over 13 years to people of all skill levels and from all over the world.

In addition to the United States, she has lived in England and the Netherlands, so she understands the experience of living/working abroad well. Brenda has taught at a variety of schools including adult schools, intensive university programs, community colleges, and private language schools. She specializes in academic writing and reading, and has also been an IELTS examiner, so she has a unique perspective on the exam requirements. Brenda enjoys making the classroom a place where students can feel relaxed and supported, not just by her, but by each other.


JenniferJennifer, a CELTA-trained ESL instructor, has an MBA from the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. A native of the USA, she has lived all over the world, and has studied many languages herself. Her experiences have ranged from grass-roots public health work in rural Africa, to helping women build their own business in Washington, D.C. 

With her wide range of experience, she brings a positive and nurturing attitude to her classes. She is attentive to the needs of her students, to ensure well-paced and effective lessons. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her three children and husband, walking her very big dog, reading and traveling. She also is a student herself, focusing energy on learning Dutch! She has found that “the best way to be a good teacher is to continue to be a student herself”.


KatKat is a CELTA-qualified ESL teacher from Australia. She completed her undergraduate studies in Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland before undertaking further training to become a language instructor. 

Kat has been teaching for over 6 years and has worked in her home country of Australia as well as in the UK, Japan and now the Netherlands. She has experience teaching a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds. She began her career teaching English to adults, but also has experience teaching teens and young learners. She specialises in IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation.


KatieKatie is a British, CELTA trained ESL teacher. She first discovered her passion for languages while learning French at school. She then went on to graduate with a degree in French Studies from Lancaster University.
Following graduation Katie lived abroad in both France and Switzerland which has given her first-hand experience of using a foreign language. After working in administration and student support at The University of Central Lancashire, 

Katie moved to the Netherlands in 2012. She initially worked as an au pair and has continued to support children and their families. Since qualifying as an English language instructor she has enjoyed teaching a wide range of students from 5 to 93 years old and from beginners to advanced learners. Katie loves working with people of different cultures and backgrounds and works hard to create inclusive, interactive and enjoyable lessons.


RobynRobyn became a teacher because she likes everything that the job entails, especially helping others reach their goals. Standing up in front of a whiteboard explaining grammar is just one part of teaching. Instilling confidence and providing an environment that makes people comfortable and lets them dare to try is another. 

She also loves reading. Some people get overwhelmed at the idea of reading a long book in English, so it’s nice to guide non-readers to discover that short online articles about their jobs, or hobbies also counts as reading, and it can be practical and fun too! She believes that as a teacher, you get just as much back as what you give. She has met amazing people and learnt about so many different professions and places. She hopes she has made as important an impact on their lives as they have made on hers.  


MaryMary grew up in South Africa surrounded by many beautiful languages and cultures. This has given her a strong belief in the importance of communication, which is why she loves teaching languages. 

She has taught English to adults for over 30 years in The Netherlands and Italy. She is always delighted to see her students progress and grow in confidence. She especially enjoys helping students prepare for presentations and for the IELTS exam.   Her years of teaching and international experience, combined with a degree in European cultural studies, help Mary to focus on each individual and bring a personal warmth and vibrancy to her classes. 


AlessandraOriginally from Manila, Alessandra holds a B.A. English degree from the University of the Philippines, an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University, and a CELTA qualification from Bell College, Cambridge, U.K. In Transit, her first poetry pamphlet about her travels and life in Scotland, was published by Tapsalteerie in 2016. 

She has taught literature and composition at the University of the Philippines, poetry at New York University, and English at a language school in Milan, Italy. It is her love of language, of literature, of multi-cultural landscapes that has led her to see the classroom as one of her favourite places in the world. 


NicolaNicola delivers business English second language learning to professional individuals and groups who have a clear goal to improve their communication, confidence and clarity of writing and speech in an international business and academic setting. She is a native English speaker and has extensive experience as a business-IT professional.  

Her wide and diverse sector knowledge spans manufacturing, education, oil and gas, health, insurance, finance,  and also the arts from classical music, to dance and design.  This practical business knowledge enables her to bring classic language materials to life resulting in relevant and personalised learning for individuals. She shares her trade-secrets to get the best out of using English, whether it be boosting confidence in meetings and presentations, to developing and using specific terminology and grammar. Her specialisms are business English, grammar in context, pronunciation and academic exam preparation (Cambridge and IELTS).  She is also passionate about TED Talks and their English language learning partnership with National Geographic.

 What our students say about us

  • My experience with Kickstart has been highly beneficial in both developing language skills and improving my knowledge of the Dutch culture. Josien's support is always spot on and very intuitive in relation to personal circumstances. She spends a lot more than the official time allocated to really get to know her clients and her approach is customised accordingly. She was recommended to me by other Shell colleagues who expressed the same sentiment and I was fortunate enough to benefit from this during the time I spent with her.

    Vennasa van de Ven, Migration Manager working at Shell

  • Entering the Kickstart school premises alone gives you a push of energy and the commitment this will help to create is hardly unmatched in any other language school. The methodology and the approach used in the lessons also helps smoothly unlock the secrets of everyday Dutch. Kickstart School has helped me get in touch with the 'undutchable' culture of the Netherlands and its people. The individual language training I could experience at Kickstart School has been one of the best educational experiences I could have in Europe.

    Alessandro d’Addario, European Law Enforcement 

  • I really enjoyed my English lessons with the Kickstart School. The teacher was professional and really knew the subject. The way they teach is also great! The classes are presented in a clear and professional manner and the online exercises completed at home are very helpful. The teacher always provided useful feedback. It's a great experience to join a Kickstart course with such a friendly atmosphere of students and teachers.

    Beatriz Pedroche, Spain 

  • Kickstart has been the ideal place for me to learn. The teachers are very helpful and friendly and have always gone the "extra mile" to help me learn in a positive way. Their teaching is practical with elements that can immediately be applied to everyday living situations. Included in the lessons are cultural aspects of living in the Netherlands that make learning Dutch dynamic and fun; you learn the language and about the place and the people! The teachers took an active interest in my progress and provided valuable customized sessions that maintained my strengths and developed my weaknesses; all in a patient, fun and friendly style.

    Graeme Ting, dentist from New Zealand 

  • My first contact with Kickstart School was after 1 month of living in The Netherlands, when I started to study Dutch. At the time I didn’t have any knowledge of the language, but with their courses organized by levels I developed important language skills and learned about the Dutch culture. They all do a great job at Kickstart because their motto it’s not just a motto – they are really pleased to teach you. You learn a language in a friendly atmosphere, make new friends from all over the world, and all in a cosy building right in the heart of The Hague.

    Anca Boros, mathematics and physics teacher from Romania

  • During my time with Kickstart I have learned a lot and gained confidence. I was always challenged by the interesting assignments, but never too much. I have really enjoyed the classes!

    Sabine de Bruijn, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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