Kickstart your English skills
with a Private course

Kickstart your English skills| with a Private course

Private/Small group English courses 

The ultimate in flexibility. 

Do you have a constantly changing agenda?  Do you require your language training to be tailored to your schedule as much as possible? Then Kickstart School’s private English courses will suit your needs. Private and small group courses are flexible and personalised and are ideal for people with busy or irregular schedules, as well as for people who must meet a deadline. Our private courses are offered at all language levels.

Private students have very individual profiles and needs. You may want to improve your speaking for a visit to an English speaking country, to sit an examination such as IELTS or TOEFL, to pronounce words more clearly or simply to improve your all-round English language skills for better communication. At Kickstart School, you can enjoy the results of private English training with a professional, native speaking teacher who knows how to bring language to life. With friendly support and clear guidance, you will achieve your goals in engaging lessons.

After a comprehensive discussion of your needs and an assessment of your current level, Kickstart School works together with you to design the best programme tailored to your goals, guaranteed to deliver results. Lessons are designed to give you highly effective training that supports your goals, schedule and learning style. There are opportunities for review throughout the course and the content can be adapted to ensure your goals are met. Throughout the course, you are encouraged to give your own input and to bring your own material to make the course truly relevant to your daily life. Our professional team will support you at every step and our experienced native speaking teachers will motivate you.

Private lessons are taught in quiet, modern classrooms at a central location in The Hague, in the beautiful Archipel area close to The Hague Centraal Station or at a location of your preference (in this case we may have to charge travel costs). We offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend lessons, and we are happy to adjust your lesson timetable (with proper notice, of course).

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Why choose a private English course?

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