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Advanced Dutch Course
We don't have any courses available at the moment. Please contact us for more information.

After a number of months of remote and hybrid teaching, we have reviewed the COVID-19 guidelines and the preference of our students and have decided to continue with our Hybrid course format as well as a number of remote courses in January 2021. The Hybrid course format efficiently combines Face-to-face (up to 4 students) and Remote teaching with flexibility for you.

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Are you ready to speak advanced Dutch? Kickstart School’s Advanced Dutch Course is designed to develop a high level of fluency in speaking, while also consolidating and extending your grammar, listening, reading and writing skills. These latter skills are mostly improved through homework, in order to give as much class time as possible to speaking and to better facilitate discussion as well.


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Overview - Advanced Dutch Course

Group size
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Course Length
24 hours
Duration per lesson
2-3 hours
2-3 hours per lesson
Language during lesson
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Content and Learning Goals - Advanced Dutch Course

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Language and culture
  • Education
  • Economy and the corporate world
  • Health and food
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • People and technology


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate natural communicative strategies such as turn-taking, showing interest, and clarifying information
  • Have conversations with native speakers in such a way that they do not need to slow down
  • Write letters of application or formal letters
  • Give pro’s and cons in a debate
  • Write a report about an internship, a job or an excursion
  • Write a letter of complaint

Practical Information - Advanced Dutch Course


€360 (excluding the book)
€320 for students/au pairs (student card number/details of host family must be provided).

Course materials

Nederlands naar Perfectie; ISBN 9789046904527, €42,95
Kickstart School handout

The Advanced Dutch Course is divided into Blocks A, B, and C. All three blocks together work towards the Advanced level (C1). It is not necessary, however, to complete the blocks in A-B-C order as all blocks are taught at the same level.

The Advanced Plus Dutch Course (Wednesday Afternoon Course) is a course designed for people who like to hold discussions on current affairs. Part of the course is reading a literature book and exchange thoughts about it. You will also learn about the meaning of and how to use more difficult words and expressions. Additionally, you will also review more complex grammatical structures. This course is recommended for students who have already followed one or more levels of the Advanced Dutch courses, but not only.  The course is very lively and characterized by its open and enthusiastic atmosphere! 




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