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Dutch for Children

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 crisis all our courses are being taught online until further notice.

We also have a more lenient opt-out policy so you can respond to changing circumstances.


Have you just moved to the Netherlands and are your children attending a Dutch school? Does your child struggle with Dutch? Is grammar a little scary for them? Or does your child just want to get stronger in Dutch speaking, listening, reading, grammar and writing? Kickstart School offers fun and meaningful lessons for children who wish to learn Dutch and communicate with confidence. This course involves specially-designed materials and activities, including songs, story-telling, and a variety of educational games. This learning approach creates an enjoyable, positive, and safe learning environment and provides a different experience to regular school.

We have experience with expatriate children who need to enter the Dutch school system and integrate in Dutch life. We help them build both their confidence and language skills.

If your children are not getting enough help at school, we can support them with focused, positive attention on exactly the skills they need to succeed. Our private/small group, 1:1 lessons help children achieve both short and long term academic goals.

Overview - Dutch for Children

Group size
Flexible Enrolment
Course Length
Duration per lesson
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Course Content and Goals - Dutch for Children

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Grammar
  • Sentence structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Test taking skills
  • Writing
  • Confidence
  • Pronunciation


Languages are forever. Whatever your child may end up doing, the ability to speak another language will always be helpful.

To talk more about your child’s Dutch ability and challenges please contact us via email, phone or by filling out the registration/contact form.

Practical Information - Dutch for Children


For children from one family:

1 child: €65/hr (1-9 hours); €60/hr (10+ hours)

2 children: €70/hr (1-9 hours); €65/hr (10+ hours)

3 children: €75/hr (1-9 hours); €70/hr (10+ hours)

4 children: €80/hr (1-9 hours); €75/hr (10+ hours)

For children from two different families:

2 children: €80/hr (1-9 hours); €75/hr (10+ hours)

3 children: €85/hr (1-9 hours); €80/hr (10+ hours)

4 children: €90/hr (1-9 hours); €85/hr (10+ hours)





Course materials

All lesson materials are included except for course books.  

Cancellation Policy

Kickstart School School adheres to a standard 24-hour cancellation policy. If you would like to rearrange or cancel a lesson for your child(ren), Kickstart School/the teacher must be contacted at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full amount for that lesson will still be charged. Including rescheduled lessons, the total duration of the course cannot exceed 1.5 times the originally-planned course duration. Hours remaining after this period will be forfeited.


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