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Private Online Dutch Course

Are you short on time but want to improve your Dutch skills? Then Kickstart School’s private online courses are a perfect match for you! Our private online lessons function as flexible and personalised private lessons and are ideal for people who have busy lifestyles, difficult schedules, or who live outside The Hague.

Kickstart School works with you to design a programme tailored to your goals. These goals are discussed in the initial intake with you so that we can create a course tailored to your specific needs and that delivers results. The course can be adapted as you progress and you are encouraged to give your own input and to use your own material that is relevant to your daily life. Private online lessons are geared towards helping you improve your speaking, pronunciation, and other language skills. Your lessons can also be supported by exercises and materials on KickstartNet, our online learning platform.

Overview - Private Online Dutch courses

Group size
Book Required?
To be discussed
Flexible Enrolment
Course Length
Minimum of 5 hours
Duration per lesson
To be discussed
Money-Back guarantee

Course Content and Learning Goals - Private Online Dutch Courses

Why Choose Private Private Online Dutch Lessons?

  • Tailor-made
  • You can study anywhere
  • Focused corrections
  • Flexible course length
  • Flexible scheduling
  • More fluency, confidence and pleasure in speaking
  • Improved pronunciation/accent reduction
  • Fast learning progress through one to one training


By the end of the course you will be able to:

Our Private Online courses are offered at all language levels. Private Online courses are tailored to your exact needs and our professional native-speaking teachers will motivate and support you throughout your course, to reach your goals. Since your specific needs are addressed in the Private Online course, what the course will look like depends entirely on your wishes.

Practical Information - Private Online Dutch Courses


Price General Dutch rates:

  • 1 person:   €65/hr (1-9 hours)   €60/hr (10+ hours)
  • 2 people:   €70/hr (1-9 hours)   €65/hr (10+ hours)
  • 3 people:   €75/hr (1-9 hours)   €70/hr (10+ hours)
  • 4 people:   €80/hr (1-9 hours)   €75/hr (10+ hours) (Etc.)

Business Dutch rates:

  • 1 person:   €75/hr (1-9 hours)   €70/hr (10+ hours)
  • 2 people:   €80/hr (1-9 hours)   €75/hr (10+ hours)
  • 3 people:   €85/hr (1-9 hours)   €80/hr (10+ hours)
  • 4 people:   €90/hr (1-9 hours)   €85/hr (10+ hours) (Etc.)

Course materials

A computer with a good internet connection and Skype or Zoom. While not strictly required, a webcam is also highly recommended.



Cancellation Policy

Kickstart School School adheres to a standard 24-hour cancellation policy. If a student would like to rearrange or cancel a lesson, Kickstart School/the teacher must be contacted at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full amount for that lesson will still be charge.



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